Stableford (Modified) – Golf Format Explained

stableford-modifiedAs in stableford proper a round in the modified variation will see golfers trying to accumulate the most points during the round. Points are awarded for each hole and the number of points is related to the score posted – more points given to better scores – according to the table below:

  • -3 points : 2 or more over par (Double bogey or worse)
  • -1 points : 1 over par (Bogey)
  •  0 points : Par
  • +2 points : 1 under par (Birdie)
  • +5 points : 2 under par (Eagle)
  • +8 points : 3 under par (Albatross)

Consequently, golfers will post final scores in points rather than in shots taken, e.g., 12 points instead of let’s say a 3-over round of 75.


Each golfer hits his own ball throughout the round. After each hole he converts his score to points according to the point system outlined above. After the round, the golfer will tally his points for each hole which will give him his total score.

How to win:

The golfer who has accumulated the most points wins.


Because of its scoring system and how it compares to the regular stableford format, golfers are encouraged to ‘go for it’ and attempt to post scores better than par. Modified stableford tournaments are generally reserved for events in which only very good players are to take part. Indeed, the scoring system is both very rewarding to scores under pars (birdies, eagles, etc.) and very penalizing to holes played over par (bogeys, double bogeys), both of which do not favour the casual golfers.

There is one modified stableford tournament in the PGA Tour and it takes place mid-summer at the Reno-Tahoe Open.